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1975 Porsche 930 Turbo – Silver
1975 Porsche 930 Turbo - Silver

Vehicle Information

Vehicle Specifications:

Model:930 Turbo
Engine No.:#6750254
Chassis No.:#930 5700 233
Interior Color:Black

Vehicle Status


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Specification Description:


  • Silver with black leather
  • First year of the vaunted 911 Turbo
  • One of only 274 examples built for 1975
  • Original numbers-matching drivetrain
  • Restored in 2015; finished in its original colour combination
  • Well-documented with comprehensive history file
  • Includes tool roll, original brochures and Certificate of Authenticity

Internally dubbed the Type 930, the Turbo, as it was simply known, featured a three-litre air-cooled six-cylinder engine boosted by a KKK turbocharger. With maximum pressure of 8 Bar, or about 11.5 psi, the engine developed an impressive 260 hp at 5,500 rpm and 253 foot-pounds of torque at 4,000 rpm. With that much twist available, Porsche determined that the stronger four-speed tansaxle with widely spaced rations would suit in place of the five-speed gearbox used across the rest of the 911 range.


Vehicle Details

Nobody would ever mistake the muscular new bodywork of the Turbo for any ordinary 911; its front fenders and rear quarter-panels were drastically flared to accommodate new 15-inch-diameter Fuchs forged aluminium road wheels, seven inches wide in front and eight inches in the rear. The rear ‘whale-tail’ spoiler not only added down-force, but its separate intake grille also supplied cooling air to the engine compartment. A deep chin spoiler was added below the nose to balance the handling.

Porsche had taken the challenge of building an incredible performance car in an era when the powers that be fought against it, and the result was not only the fastest production car that they had ever offered, but also the fastest production car on the planet.

The nimble and powerful 911 Turbo in its earliest form is much sought after by enthusiasts, who consider it to be the purest and most enjoyable of this long-lived series. This first-year 911 Turbo represents both the dawn of an era in Porsche history and one of the automaker’s all-time most significant achievements.

Vehicle History

This first-year 911 Turbo was originally finished in Silver Metallic over a black leather interior, the same combination that it sports today. While its first owner is unknown, interestingly, this European-specification example found its way to the U.S., when it was acquired by Rohan Kelley of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 1986. Kelley, believed to be the second owner, continued to maintain the Turbo over the next 15 years. Numerous service receipts and invoices on file document his fastidious care. In 2001, the Porsche was acquired by Jeremy Van Bemmelen who in turn sold the Turbo to Dan Schroeder, in August 2009. Schroeder embarked on a thorough mechanical restoration of the car in 2015 included a complete engine rebuild by Personalized Autohaus of San Diego, California, as well as refinishing the interior with new black leather and carpeting by Autos International in Escondido. Shortly thereafter, the Turbo was acquired by the current consignor, a Porsche specialist based in Canada. Additional mechanical sorting as well as correcting several 1975-specific details was performed to ensure that this iconic Turbo performs to the standards that Porsche intended. Additionally, a correct air box as well as a set of 15-inch wheels were sourced to complete the authentic look.


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